Creatine and Glutamine Combo

creatine and glutamine for weightliftingCreatine and glutamine have been taken as a stack by bodybuilders for decades as a way of increasing effectiveness and strength to muscles. Many prefer to take glutamine before starting a workout and then creatine afterwards to help with the repair side of a workout, including muscle soreness.


So, what is creatine monohydrate; one thing it certainly is, is a very popular supplement taken by athletes and bodybuilders alike. If you are looking to build average size muscles into bulging biceps, then creatine monohydrate should be on your list as a supplement. But don’t forget to use your glutamine supplement as well.


According to surveys taken, 45% of all athletes claim to have taken creatine monohydrate to enhance performance. Creatine monohydrate is a substance that is created naturally within our bodies. The monohydrates turn into phosphates inside the body, and this phosphate helps to create a substance that will provide energy for muscular workouts.


A creatine supplement is used by bodybuilders and athletes to increase muscular bulk and provide energy to the areas where we want it most. You can get creatine from foods; red meat is a great source for it, as is oily fish like mackerel. It is worth noting, however, that when you cook food, some of the creatine will be reduced which is why many bodybuilders like to take a creatine supplement to be sure of good levels in the body.


Let us now look more closely at some of the benefits that creatine or a creatine supplement can give us. Creatine is perfect for anyone doing long distance running, intense resistance training, heavy weight lifting, constant reps, and boxing. Really any sport that demands a high amount of energy is when we could do with creatine.


Where to find Glutamine

Glutamine can be found in food as well, but most prefer to just take a glutamine supplement. In food, glutamine can be found in most of the meat and oily fish we eat. There are smaller amounts of glutamine in foods like vegetables and pulses, such as beans, peas and kidney beans but meat is where the main source of glutamine is derived from.


The combination of creatine and glutamine suggests we can allow all of the benefits of the two supplements together, only in a more enhanced form. They do tend to work well together but many bodybuilders take glutamine at a different time of the day than when they take creatine.